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Salsa Bait Holders

The Salsa Bait Holder is intended for trolling of prey fish with whole bait. The bait is rigged to have a swim action which imitates the movement of an injured prey by turning around its longitudinal axis. The Salsa Bait Holder attracts salmon, trout, pike-perch and pike among others, and it is a tasty treat for big perch. Fishing with the Salsa Bait Holder teaches you a natural, effective and extremely interesting fishing method easily and without effort.


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The Salsa Flasher is designed to enhance the performance and movement of lures used in trolling and to stimulate prey fish to attack. With its wide variety of swimming actions and extremely easy adjustment options, the Salsa Flasher takes the performance of flies, wobblers, spoons and bait holders to an entirely new level. Well suited to a wide range of trolling speeds, the Salsa Flasher is ideal for trolling for all prey fish.

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