Very effective baits for predatory fish!

Salsa baitholders are hand-painted

Bait fish size

The Salsa Bait Holder is designed for baits approximately 10-16 cm in length.


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Bait fish species

It ideally fits baits such as bleak, smelt, perch, roach and small whitefish.



We also recommend trying the Salsa Flasher, which is designed together with the Salsa Bait Holder.


The Salsa Bait Holder is intended for trolling of prey fish with whole bait. The bait is rigged to have a swim action which imitates the movement of an injured prey by turning around its longitudinal axis. The Salsa Bait Holder attracts salmon, trout, pike-perch and pike among others, and it is a tasty treat for big perch. Fishing with the Salsa Bait Holder teaches you a natural, effective and extremely interesting fishing method easily and without effort. You will also get a glimpse into the history of fishing and experience the fun and fascination of an almost forgotten fishing technique.

Fishing with livebait holders is making a real comeback and becoming more popular among anglers all the time. We wish you tight lines and memorable fishing moments with the Salsa Bait Holder!


Tying the leader

The leader can be equipped with one or two hooks (figure 1). When using two hooks, the front hook should be tied to the line as shown in figure 2. Or you can use a snippet of silicone/rubber tube. The back hook can be tied to the leader using a knot such as the Surgeon`s Loop. The recommended distance between the hooks is approx. 2-3 cm. The recommended length for the leader is approx. 40-20 cm. Remember to slip the short piece of tube intended for clamping the line into the leader before attaching the hood. Tie a high quality swivel to the other end of the leader to prevent the line from twisting. The hood has three connection point options. These enable fine-tuning bait action to perfectly match the prevailing fishing conditions. The diameter of bait rotation depends on the connection point used. Using connection point number 1 produces the smallest action diameter, while connection point number 3 produces the largest diameter (figure 3). The recommended trolling speed for connection points 1 and 2 is approx. 2-3.5 km/h. Using connection point 3 allows a wider range of trolling speeds. The recommended trolling speed is approx. 2-4.5 km/h.

Attaching And Adjusting The Bait

  • Attach the bait into the hood with the supplied plastic pin by pressing the pin through the bait (figure 3).
  • Join the front hook to the bait through the back edge of the dorsal fin, close to the flank. The shank of the hook must touch the flank of the bait (figure 1).
  • Adjust the shape by pulling the line until the bait forms a gentle curve. The short snippet of elastic tube is used for clamping the bait into position. It keeps the action consistent while allowing easy adjustment.
  • Set the bait to spin approx. 1-2 times/second.
  • Increasing the curvature of the bait accelerates rotation speed respectively.


The bait will also attract gulls, so remember to use a weight.

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