Salsa-Fishing makes fishermen’s and women’s dreams come true

The story of Salsa-Fishing started in 1990’s in North Karelia, Finland, when eager fishermen started to develop and produce fishing products to catch bigger fishes. At first, the products were made as traditional handwork, but nowadays they are in machine production, due to a bigger demand.

The production of Salsa started as entrepreneurship in early 2000, under a company called Carviform Ltd, based in Joensuu, Finland. The founders of Salsa-products started a new company called Salsa-Fishing/JTP Evolution Ltd in 2004 to concentrate merely on fishing products and on further developing them.

Today, Salsa-Fishing is known for its high-quality and innovative products. With these features, Salsa has gained a wide group of loyal users from all over the world. Now real fishermen and -women can concentrate on caching bigger fishes – not only telling stories about it. That’s what we, the founders on Salsa-Fishing, enjoy doing. Tight lines!